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How your dream becomes a reality with

Dodd Design and Construction


Dream It

Most often, clients come to us with the property and an idea of the home they are wanting to build.  We will gladly assist you in finding a house plan or property that fits your needs or help you alter a plan that isn’t exactly as you want it to be.

Plan It

We have built homes in all areas of Tallahassee over the last 25 years and will gladly show you different types and sizes of homes that should help you with your planning process.  We will bid the house stick by stick to give you an accurate assessment of what that house will cost to build.

Build It

Once you have decided on a plan, location and Dodd Design and Construction as your builder, the fun begins!  We will be there with you at every stage assisting in the decisions you will be making.  Your specifications will be bid according to what you want – not what we think you need.